Getting Started!

Prepare Your Photos. . .

The guidelines below apply to single and bulk photo services. Other services can be performed for an additional fee. Please see our Special Services Page for details.

  • Photos are fed through a high-speed, automatic scanner. Photos with bent corners, jagged edges, odd sizes or minor damage may require single feed scanning in a protective cover. Pictures requiring a protective cover, will not receive bulk pricing. During the intake process, staff will evaluate your pictures and advise if any will require this special care.
  • All photos must be loose (no albums, envelopes, matting, etc.) and free of attachments (staples, paper clips, post-it notes, etc.)
  • Photos will be scanned in order received. Pre-sort photos and specify if you prefer them scanned in a particular order.
  • Separate photos for digital folders using divider cards or post-its.
  • Photos will be scanned in 24-bit color at 300 DPI resolution.
  • Black and white photos mixed with color photos will be scanned using color settings. Separate black and white photos that should be scanned using black and white settings.
  • 1 CD is included.
  • No editing is included.

Thank you for entrusting your priceless photos with us!